What do you put on your display?

Displays for small businesses are tricky things to get right. What they contain, what they handle, the color scheme and their size are all things you need to consider when making a banner or display. However, display printing sugar land tx doesn’t have to be extremely difficult.

First, you are obviously displaying something with the banner, otherwise you wouldn’t need one. So, think about what the purpose is. Is it eye catching? Supposed to convey a new product or service? Is it a glorified directional sign? This will help you figure out what needs to be on it, so it matches its purpose.

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Then think about color. Your business should have some type of color or logo, and see about incorporating that into the design of the banner. If the display is to talk about a new service, then you might want to place it on a backdrop of your company colors. If it needs to be eye catching, then use brighter colors that contrast from the walls where the banner is hung.

Next up is text. Now keep in mind this is a banner, not a plaque, and most people don’t need to be reading what is on your banner. Keep the text minimalist and simple, only convey the information that people need, like “New Service announced:” or “Customer Service is here.” Text can take up some or all of the banner, but make sure it is meaningful.

Displays also need to display something, so be sure that they serve their purpose by placing them beside things that carry their message. If you’ve got a banner that leads to the customer service department, then it should be next too or directing people to something customer service related.

Take your time when creating displays, and they’ll be an integral part of your business in no time.